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Organised in collaboration with Dr Catherine Redford, the theme of this year’s RECSO conference is ‘Imagining Apocalypse’ and will be held on 18th June. 2016 is a key anniversary for scholars studying long eighteenth-century depictions of apocalypse as it marks two hundred years since the famous ‘year without a summer’ of 1816, when the skies went dark and there was widespread speculation that the end of the world was nigh. This conference will allow a varied group of scholars working in the field of long eighteenth-century apocalypse studies to share their current research, giving them the chance to consider collaboratively current trends and research in apocalypse studies and to look forward to future projects. The project will ultimately encourage a more interdisciplinary approach to apocalypse studies.

Bringing together academics from across English, History, History of Art, Modern Languages, and Theology, the conference will introduce participants to the richness of apocalypse studies across a range of disciplines, both enhancing their research and laying the foundations for future projects, publications, and collaborations.

Romanticism and Eighteenth-Century Studies Oxford (RECSO) is a graduate-led initiative for scholars across the Humanities Division. Our aim is to provide a platform for graduates and academics from various disciplines to discuss and share their research into the long eighteenth century. It also facilitates the development of projects, workshops and larger events, as well as providing a physical meeting space for RECSO’s growing body of members.

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Image: The Destruction of Pompei and Herculaneum, John Martin, 1822. Photo: © Tate, London [2015]

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